Main topics of the conference

Main topics of the conference

Hardwares & Softwares

  • Intellectual information systems
  • Computer networks and information defense
  • Applied computer modelling and computational methods
  • Tutorial information systems
  • Information systems and technological problems of electronics
  • Telecommunication systems
  • Open Learning and Distance Education
  • Quantum computing
  • Data mining

Computer Modeling of Devices and Technologies

  • Information systems for business
  • Marketing investigations and information processing
  • Applied statistics for business
  • Optimization in management and marketing
  • Logistics, telematics and transport systems
  • Nanotechnologies and nanodevices
  • Applied linguistics
  • Micro- and nanoelectronics
  • System Dynamics

Management Information Technologies

  • Tourism business and information
  • Sociology and information society
  • Personnel management and testing systems
  • Marketing researches
  • Project- and time-management
  • Analytical management
  • International economics and business
  • Business communications
  • Organisational development and management technologies